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Many parts of our daily diet affect the whiteness of our teeth. From coffee and red wine to tomato sauce and tobacco, most products we consume inevitably—and, sometimes, permanently—create oral stains. Advance Dental Care Center’s five-star team in Arlington, VA, uses top-of-the-line products and procedures like the Zoom! whitening system to reverse discoloration instantly.

What Does the Zoom! Whitening System Involve?

When you ask your dentist about teeth whitening, they’ll determine whether you’re a candidate for this cosmetic dentistry procedure. By examining your teeth for cracks, chips, and decay and your gums for disease and infection, the dentist ensures you won’t be sensitive to the whitening gel. They’ll remedy imperfections and remove plaque and tartar that would otherwise keep the gel from settling on your dental surfaces.

Preparing Your Mouth for the Zoom! Process

Before your professional teeth whitening office treatment, your dentist applies a moisturizing cream to protect your lips from the whitening gel. They then pull your lips back with a retractor that prevents the gel from smearing in your mouth. Finally, they place your tongue inside a cup to prevent it from coming in contact with the whitener.

Protecting the Rest of Your Face

The dentist then shows you the shade chart for the Zoom! whitening system so you can choose your desired shade of white before application. They take a before photo of your teeth so you can compare it to your whiter smile afterward.

Before application, they also place gauze in your mouth to protect your gums, protective eyewear over your eyes to bar irritation from the lasers, and a bib around your neck.

Applying the Whitening Solution

To keep sensitive teeth from becoming more sensitive, your dentist places a protective gel over your teeth and gums before evenly brushing the whitening substance over your teeth. Then, they beam a laser on the solution to activate the bleaching chemical, checking on the Zoom! whitening system every 15 minutes throughout the procedure to track the current level.

They also retouch the whitening solution and wipe any excess or dripping product as necessary. Once your teeth match your shade range choice, they remove the product.

What Are the Benefits of This Teeth Whitening Procedure?

If at-home DIY teeth whiteners aren’t effective or permanent enough to give you results, professional teeth whitening can produce whiter teeth safely. In one sitting, you’ll see dramatic, stunning results that would otherwise take whitening strips anywhere from days to weeks to achieve. That way, you get the confidence you need in as little time as possible.

Moreover, this simple cosmetic procedure replaces the need for crowns and veneers that would mask your stains with porcelain caps.

Arlington Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Creating a Brighter Future for Your Teeth!

Between Advance Dental Care Center’s many years of experience with teeth whitening and new technology like the Zoom! whitening system, there’s no denying your confidence will shine as bright as your teeth after the procedure. Make an appointment in Arlington, VA, at (703) 415-0505 for five-star dentistry today!