Meet the Doctors

Meet Dr. Zamani

You can rest assured that you’ll receive the personalized attention you deserve. As your dentist I’ll listen to your needs and answer all your questions. Plus, you’ll enjoy our friendly, caring team.

Dr. Zamani has been practicing general and cosmetic dentistry for over 15 years. A graduate of the University of Maryland, Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, Dr. Zamani has loved the field of dentistry since his youth. He is committed to better serving the general public and bringing the best of modern dentistry to his patients. After taking over the practice from his predecessor, Dr. Robert Sabatini, who founded the practice in 1966, he opened Advance Dental Care in 2007. Some of Dr. Zamani’s patients have been coming to Advance Dental Care Center for over 40 years!

Meet Dr. Changi

Dr. Khashayar Changi is a Board-Certified Periodontist. He graduated from Columbia University with a specialty in Periodontics and Implantology. Dr. KC, as he likes to be called, is proficient in both surgical and non-surgical periodontal treatment modalities. He also has extensive instruction and experience in all facets of oral implantology including immediate and delayed implant placement, guided bone regeneration surgery and management of implant-related disease.

His positive attitude and excellent bedside manners makes him a very trusting and caring Doctor. His commitment is to provide the best preventative and necessary care to his patients.

In his free time, Dr. KC likes to travel, wine tasting, and skiing in wintertime. He is fluent in English, Persian and has some knowledge of German.

Meet Dr. Barra, DMD

Dr. Mohammad Barra graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor’s degree in Science. He then furthered his education at Tufts University of Dental Medicine and graduated with a D.M.D degree. With a great passion and care for his patients, his goal is having them leaving the office with a healthier and happier smile. Dr. Barra has a calming demeanor and is very confident in treatment planning that will give his patients the best care they deserve. He invests his time in educating and making sure they fully understand all options of dental treatment. He strives to make dentistry as comfortable and fun as possible from start to finish. Aside from work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and with his family.

Meet Dr. Khalili, DDS

Dr. Eiman Khalili is a highly skilled Endodontist who earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from New York University in 2011. He deepened his specialization by completing a postgraduate program in Endodontics at the same prestigious institution in 2013. Since then, he has been fully committed to his practice, dedicating his professional life to the field of Endodontics.

With over a decade of experience in the field, Dr. K specializes in root canal treatments, always seeking ways to preserve natural teeth whenever possible. He believes in a conservative approach to dental care, focusing on treatments that maintain the natural structure and health of his patients’ teeth.

Dr. K is passionate about staying at the forefront of his field, attending the American Association of Endodontics conference annually. This commitment to continuous learning ensures that he is always updated with the latest developments and techniques in Endodontics, providing his patients with the best care possible.

Known for creating a calming environment, he strives to make every patient’s experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible during their treatment. His warm and professional demeanor has been appreciated by his patients, who often commend his ability to ease their anxieties about dental procedures.

Outside his professional life, Dr. K is a fitness enthusiast with a fondness for diverse physical activities. He engages in regular squash games with his wife and enjoys swimming for both fitness and relaxation. He also has a passion for horseback riding, which he practices weekly, showcasing his love for animals and outdoor activities.

Balancing a successful career with a healthy lifestyle, Dr. K embodies the ideal of a healthcare professional who practices what he preaches. His commitment to his patients, profession, and personal health makes him a respected figure in the field of Endodontics.